Acupuncture and a Weekend Getaway


Last weekend, I went to visit my dad at his place on Lake Wallenpaupack, in Pennsylvania. As you can imagine, it was quite serene –  the anti-city if you will. It was also awesome to see my dad and spend some time with him and Pesty.


The day before we were supposed to leave for Pennsylvania, Justin hurt his back – only for it to get worse the morning of our trip. Now I’ve had a pretty crappy back since I threw it out in gym class in the eighth grade. For those of you who’ve had spasms and back problems, you understand how crippling this can be. The last time I threw my back out was in December when I banged myself up pretty badly while skiing, a week before I was supposed to drive down to Florida to visit my mom for the holidays. Just around that time, Justin, too, injured his neck while snowboarding. So, after waiting for our bodies to heal, we woke up the day of our Florida road trip feeling little difference from the week before. I’d never been to an acupuncturist before, and if I’d known then what I learned that day, I could have saved myself a great deal of aggravation. A GREAT deal of aggravation. I left the office that December morning proclaiming I’d be back every 30 days for some upkeeping, but I had let life get in the way and hadn’t been back…until a week ago.

Me after acupuncture and cupping (please pay no attention to my 90's tramp stamp...)
Me after acupuncture and cupping (please pay no attention to my 90’s tramp stamp…)

I accompanied Justin to his appointment, and, although I was feeling fine, I was treated too, just because of its powerful benefits to the human body, and because I didn’t make good on my promise to come back monthly. Needless to say, Justin felt much better and we hit the road.




Some of the beneficial effects of acupuncture:

  • Dilates the blood vessels, improving the circulation and relieving stagnation throughout the body
  • Increases the number of white and red blood cells
  • Stimulates and sedates the nervous system
  • Relaxes muscles and nerves
  • Increases blood supply and general circulation
  • Improves muscle tone, prevents/delays muscle and nerve atrophy
  • Improves digestion, absorption, and elimination
  • Disperses inflammation and facilitates movement of joints
  • Promotes body repair
  • Increases kidney excretions of fluids and waste metabolites
  • Increases respiration and gas exchanges
  • Recalibrates the mind
  • Soothes indigestion
  • Counteracts radiation side effects
  • Dulls persistent headaches

I wanted to shine some light on this topic because our society so often thinks nothing of taking antibiotics and other pills to alleviate or prevent pain, thus weakening the body’s systems and requiring even more pills – a vicious cycle!

I’ll always remember this one doctor’s visit I had as a child. I had an earache, and when told by my doctor to take an antibiotic, my mother asked him if that was really necessary, or could it be cured with a more holistic approach – like dripping warm castor oil in my ear? He said that would be fine; he only offered an antibiotic because, “Most parents feel satisfied after getting a prescription.” Clearly he didn’t know my mother.